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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

HBD: Being An Alpha Woman Myself

Happy birthday to my humble self and to today March twenty six I will love to share a little more of my personality that you don’t know because is My Birthday.

As humans we all carry something we can’t explain maybe is because of our birth which I

Let’s Talk Sex: How Old Did You Get Sexually Matured ?

Oh okay! Getting intimate openly is a sign of sexual maturity that took me forever to get to like am grade A unexpressional and really close off with whoever.

Sexually maturity that I mean is you being open with your partner with you not waiting on him or her to jump on you first and you not shy to share some emotional moments openly without minding whose there watching.

 I personally never attain sexual maturity till now growing up Lol. Younger girls these days

Rare Gems: March 26 Is About Diana Ross And Timeless Da Empress

Is only about the gems, the pearls, the Diamonds and the ones costly cultivated, lol. “The March 26”, the very much gifted and talented individuals as records has it that March 26 born are highly energetic people who mostly have lot of similarities in their personal and professional lives.
They are leaders and brave minds.
Happy 31st Birthday to me! @iamrealtimeless I'm only getting better each passing day and year. Amd am celebrating 2019 March 26  with the Diamond, Diana Ross and the next two days is

Monday, March 25, 2019

SMH!: Nigerian Abroad Shame Nigeria On Twitter Says “Nigeria Bananas Are As Nigeria Condition”


Is reality, is News 
What is coming out from a Nigerian just because he is fortunate to live abroad SMH 🤦‍♀️ 
So shameful not because he is a Nigerian but because he is human too and now you using a

Denrele Dramatise “Vandalization” With Former First Lady Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan Goodluck

Nigerian can’t believe our darling Denrele pull this heavy weight so easily, Daddy Denrele!! (top gamer top play, lol).
Yeeeh my mouth is open sir, if only you reading knows what an influencer this dude is and are, Lol. My day one casey who taught industry in industreet but wouldn’t put me inside Big Brother (crying) But is okay since I can’t write in there I can’t stay as fish can’t without water, so guys! 
Know doubt Denrele Edun know his craft and his craft knows him ! An achiever really, 
If art couldn’t talk they the world would have been in silence but now the noise is the blessing of the art that act.
The simi-cross dresser met with the most hilarious First Lady the federation has ever produced proudly a Nigerian woman a Niger Tigeress I admire Chief Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan Goodluck, a Mother Of a Nation who represents the reality of the superwoman Nigeria born for

Betty Irabor: Happy Birthday To The Woman Who Is Forever Betty !

Arians are the best people I know ! And is our season of light.
Today is Betty Irabor reping with her kind words as always, “don’t die at thirty”, Life  is forever depending on how you live it confirm in Betty Irabor the forever bright “little girl who loves her pink” when I was thinking I’m the only Arian who loves Pink.
Too many similarities I tell you, she’s everything I am. Great writer who everyone in London enjoys her column as a columnist, an extraordinaire .

HBD: Being An Alpha Woman Myself

Happy birthday to my humble self and to today March twenty six I will love to share a little more of my personality that you don’t know be...