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Saturday, April 20, 2019

‪“Leggedly Benz” Take Over On Ajah Expressway After Truck Accident



Lagosians around the fast developing area on the island known by some as the New Lekki, Greater Lekki, Ajah Extension etc, Lol  exercise their legs and body voluntarily last night with grateful hearts.

An unknown Truck was the cause of the NO movement where everyone represents their origins, the ibo, Yoruba, Benue, etc men and women embrace their origin while the Esans rememberers who they are once again as Energy house lol it was not funny but it is now as the Truck ball that keeps it moving reportedly pulled off while on motion. 

The accident happened at the popular Majek, GRA bus stop which obstruct movement of cars, Keke, etc that gave those with their “Leggedly Benz” leveraged over those with cars as cars turn big burden to their owners who had no choice than to wait patiently not minding the night

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Former President Of Peru Alan García Commits Suicide To Avoid Corruption Charge

 Is Money Palava! here as former Peru President Alan García is reportedly a suicidal after shooting himself when police came over his residence to arrest him over bribery and corruption allegations, hence he found an escape route at last after being denied a Political Asylum to Uruguay.
Mr García was further rushed to hospital in the capital, Lima were his death was confirmed and publicly announced by Peru current President Martín Vizcarra who might as well be a victim of same tomorrow going by the records, all former Peru Presidents seems corrupt or accused of corruption.

A crowd of supporters gathered outside the hospital building, and were held back by a line of

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Comical: Timaya Flaunt All Three Kids & Luxurious Assorts!

Is Timaya!! That is ever hot like fire !!!

Flaunting his belongings like who wouldn’t ? if you so have it? Lol . Cute two replica daughters and a homie son! Is blessing, yea I said that.

Is the big boy swag, no marriage bonds, gat cute kids and taking care of them with luxuries

Now You Can Laugh: On The Drugs !


Growing up, the sight of drugs turns my stomach talkmore of them in my mouth then down my throat HuhSh!!.

I'll throw everything in my tummy out except my intestine. LOL but here we are with nobody

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ruggedman Return With New Moves !

Ruggedman is back !! And he is so hot right now.

The father of Nigerian rap music was live on air today April 10, 2019 with Cool FM Lagos were he discuss his most controversial media coverage with fellow artist 9ice, his new album that is ready to hit the market soon as well as his packaged concert schedule for September 21st 2019 a

Sunday, April 07, 2019

University Of Ibadan Mr A.O. Subair Commits Suicide

Mr A.O. Subair who very recently resigned abruptly as a lecturer of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Ibadan (UI) but still lives within the university, has died under circumstances believed to be suicide at his staff quarters located on Phillipson Road, UI.

A lecturer in the Faculty of Science, which houses the late lecturer's department, told Sahara Reporters that Subair had been battling depression for years due to challenges in his home and

Friday, April 05, 2019

Let’s Talk Sex: The Harm That Come With Guys Dagger Teeth On A Virginal

Guys with Dagger Teeth Will Not Do Your Virginal Any Good!. Trust it when I say they wouldn’t, hehehe. They eat it thinking they’re doing good cause that’s what they’re doing to them but their teeth can’t get any shorter automatically,LOL.

Lol, but forgive them if you’ve been victimized, the picture of their face spells them as they are

‪“Leggedly Benz” Take Over On Ajah Expressway After Truck Accident

                                    # OurLaGos                                     REPORT ! #iscomedy isreality isNews L agosians ...