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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mistake Identity Trails Late "Suicidal" Dr. Allwell Orji, Other Allwell Orji Cries Out

Sometimes bearing the same name with people might not be a good thing because when tragedy struck, name sakes suffers the disadvantage of bearing the same name with the victim and that is the case of the living Mr. Orjir Allwell who is a nurse while his name sake who committed suicide days ago in the Lagos Lagoon by jumping from 3rd mainland bridge is a medical doctor with same name.
The living Allwell Orji who is a nurse photos were used by the media in place of the suicidal which has prompt the young man to come out with a video to show the world that he is hale and hearty. 
This is the living Allwell Orji who is a registered nurse and not a Lagos State resident

Suicidal, Orji Allwell who is a Doctor and a Lagos resident
Orji Allwell mother arrive the suicide spot and has identify the body as her son's.
The family of the deceased who are in obvious grief drop a statement which says:
"Please respect our grief. This is a difficult time for us and we don’t want to make comments on this issue. It is not something to be celebrated. We are believing that he’s still alive. God still does miracles.

You people don’t know what we have been through since yesterday. Please, respect our grief. This is not a case of a grandfather that died and we want to celebrate it. This whole issue has been difficult for us.
The mother is up there, not talking to anyone. Not even us who are very close relatives. People have been around her since yesterday so that she doesn’t do anything drastic.
She has yet to accept that he could be dead. She doesn’t even accept people’s sympathies and condolences. As a Christian, she’s believing God that a miracle could happen and that her son won’t die. She believes he’s just missing and would return alive."

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