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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Be The First To Know Beyonce And Jay Z Twins By Name

Still in the mood of Bey-Jaybies arrival while the world are guessing whatever name the powerful couple might have picked down. First it was the sexes and now that they know is a boy and a girl, they want to know their names.
See why the world can't be settled for once, Ok and here are the first potential names that came into my head.
 Giselle and Corey, they just make a lot of sense to me and those could be the Names we'll be hearing pretty soon.

Wondering why? ok i ma tell you, the one and only reason is, Giselle is Bey's  middle name and Corey also happens to be Jay Z’s middle name, hmmm, i know, make sense right!.

Let leave it at this for now.

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