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Monday, August 28, 2017

Is Bobrisky Sane? Talk 'Confidence' When He Couldn't Stand Himself

 It seems some people don't know the real meaning of words before they choose to use them and the word 'confidence' is an action word that many carelessly use even when they don't posses slit of it.

Imagine Idris Okuneye popularly called bobrisky talking 'confidence' with his fake skin color and gay ass.

He drop a post on IG days ago before i unfollow him, (done seeing nuisance )were he describe
himself as who has 'confidence',  What? (Like what the hell!!) 
Here was my comment above, come and think of it, how on earth is a person who was A1 black, before bleaching up to be white skin, not minding the repercussion, then chose to be a woman instead of being a man, come out and talk  'confidence' ?.

Nay! that is so unacceptable, talk 'confidence' when you are proud of your sex and whatever you look like from birth, not the other way round.

Hell No!.

Photo Credit: Instagram/bobrisky222

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