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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Let's Talk Sex: Should Men Be This Selfish?

Hey guys, today on "Let's talk Sex", were we talk only "Sex" in the spirit of aproko service and nothing more than that, so you welcome on board.

Looking at the above picture with the caption, its comic and also a serious matter. Since most men don't care about whatever, all they care about is themselves.

Some lady let her frustrated self out one day as she took to her heels to her in-laws, reason why is, her husband wants 'bedmatics' every now and then, whether she is sick, hungry, not in the mood, he don't care, it was that bad that she has to run to her in-laws to laid complains and probably save her by talking some sense into the man's head.

It's that bad and the truth is, there are numerous women out there who are suffering from these mistreatment from their partners, all in the name of being married or in a relationship, some women confirm that they want peace  in their home, since saying NO is saying "punch my face and throw me out".

Like for real, should men be this selfish?

Let's talk.

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