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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Let's Talk Sex: Why Spouses Keep Their Sexual Need From Their Partners?

Have you ever wonder why people cheat? (men and women) women cheats too, though here in Africa, it is perceive as a taboo when a woman is caught in the act while for the men, is seen as a 'normal' thing, why so?

Since we are both humans, will it not be nice of you to treat your spouse how you want to be treated in return? guess "am only human" should be response.

The ordinary African woman will not divorce a man for cheating on her and that has save marriages and family, unlike the western world.

Statistics has shown that men and women cheat because of their partner's inability to satisfy them sexually, which in turn make the couple unhappy deep down with their partner then wanting a new mate who can take them to ecstasy.

Unfortunately, the "new generation African woman" now behaves like the western woman who tear down their home because of infidelity, they can't turn a blind eye and tolerate their husband continuous cheating, which has result to many broken homes and putting the lives of innocent children in total jeopardy.

Will not be better for women to tolerate their husband's cheating if  he is providing and nobody is a punching bag then save their home since no man is immune to cheating, and no man is a saint except those living in "Christ", if there are.

Also statistics has shown that, spouses who are open-minded sexually to their partner,happily stay longer in their marriages, than those who pretend sexually with their partner and seek other source to satisfy their sexually needs.

So, here on today "Let's Talk Sex", the question is, Why Do Spouses Keep Their Sexual Need From Their Partners? and which sexually position serves you better?

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