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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Media Blocked Off From Covering Boko Haram Suspects "Closed Door" Trial

New reports has emerge that Boko Haram suspects will be undergoing trial for carrying out attack and terrorizing in the country in recent years.

The trials is already scheduled and will be heed at the military detention facilities located in Kainji, Kogi state, and New Bussa, Niger state and unlike any other trial, these trial is going to be behind closed doors with no media personals covering it or whatever way of reporting to the general public.
As agreed by the government and Department of State Services intelligence agency agreed on Friday.

The justice ministry announced last week that
the trials of more than 1,600 suspects were scheduled to begin from October 9. It blamed delays in prosecution on poor investigation techniques such as lack of forensic evidence, "over-reliance on confession-based evidence" and logistical problems.

Human rights groups have criticized Nigeria’s military for the arbitrary arrest of civilians a
nd detention of suspects for lengthy periods of time without access to legal counsel.

 The announcement that due process was finally to begin was given a cautious welcome but a ban on media access will likely raise concerns about transparency.

According to Vanguard who reports that British High Commission and US Embassy in Abuja, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and the International Red Cross would be given "observer status", therefore will be able to monitor how proceedings are carried out and obviously the suspects will be given legal representation.


  1. Thanks for sharing this blog with us. It’s true the media only shows what it wants, not the reality which is actually going on in the world.

    1. Thank u so much for your comment,but I will want to point out that THE MEDIA DOES NOT SHOW WHAT IT WANTS BUT RATHER SHOWS WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT. The media can only televise the meeting and happenings if they can access the information cum News. Our country still lack Press Freedom so much.