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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

OMG! Know Kevin Hart Era Only Exist When Your Woman Has No Life Aside You

😂 oh really? before you go Kevin Hart way, hope you remember that all ladies are not as understanding and has nowhere to go like Kevin's wife?.
When your whole life is encircle around a man, be ready to that shit because without him you are a nobody.
Kevin Hart know so well his wife Eniko is going nowhere that is the only reason the scandal
blew out of proportion by refusing to pay his extortionist thereby playing a victim and publicly apologising to his wife.
If Eniko is smart enough, these few days has helped shed light on a lot of things that should wake her up in that marriage and get a life for herself instead of just living Mrs Hart.

Women live in the shadow of their men when they gat no life of their own, are you dumb? Get a life. 

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