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Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Reality Of Serena Williams "Illegitimate Born Child"

Children of these generation are so fortunate, imagine them kids having Beyonce and Jay-Z as their mom and dad, then Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian as parents of a child, really, the feeling is so overwhelming for me, I don't know about you.

Fortunate kids wouldn't understand the power of their parents influences in their lives and how many earth-aches they've been shielded from.
Those from the other side of life knows best and that's why, "a nobody's child" would struggle so hard to become a "somebody", for what happened in Babylon not to repeat itself ever again.

That brings us to my caption "The Reality Of Serena Williams Born Child", as we now know,
Serena and Alexis are now parents of their days old daughter whom they are yet to officially unveil but hopefully soon, we'll get to see Serena's mini me.

The reality of the little girl's life, is that she was born out of wedlock, the renown athlete and her social networking boo never tie the knot before the arrival of their baby girl and it seems am the only one, who is kind of disturb about that, which once again has validate the words of the wise that says "those with gold, don't know the value of what they have".

First of all, let me remind us that having a child out of wedlock is so inappropriate, illogical and wrong, in other words, Serena and Alexis baby girl is an illegitimate child in the society.

Being or having an illegitimate child is not something anybody in his right senses should want. What happens to norms and peoples value in our today world of lawlessness.

Statistics has shown that 95% non-illegitimate children grow up to have illegitimate children in the world while 80% of illegitimate children grow up to hate their position in the society and strive so hard not to have their children same way.

Serena's Parents were legally married before she and her sister Venus birth. She is only engaged to Alexis not married, so what stops them from getting married legally before the arrival of their daughter? the label, illegitimate child, shouldn't be what anyone should gladly buy all because the society don't verbally call this children what they really are.

With this article of mine i have been able to let you know the reality of Serena Williams born child as an "illegitimate child" in the society and these should be totally abolished from our society, by speaking against it.

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