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Friday, September 22, 2017

Timi Dakolo Tongue Lash Wife On IG Over His Pair Of Shoes

Izon born singer Timi Dakolo might not be making headlines at all times but whenever he's on the news is either he is dropping new music or he has engage in another lovey-dovey act with his wife Busola Dakolo which has got people envy with admiration. Ya! the dude is scandal free for now hahhahhahhaha but keep your fingers crossed in here. LOl

Busola Dakolo seems to be one of the luckiest woman who rock her husband shoes, suit, shirts
among other accessories, really lucky to have close shoe size with her husband.

With Timi's IG post, is clear that he has gone for hustle and he will be returning next week, living Mrs Dakolo with memories and photos to smile at. Someone can relate, I know. Ya! his pair of  shoes did her some good while in missing moodπŸ˜– She really kill the missing game ladies play.

Regular ladies would grab the T-shirt and inner shorts on, but hell No! she move to the irregular class with her man's shoe. I ma try that someday, lol and its definitely gonna be his "Christmas shoe" am rocking, oh yes.
So,  Timi share the above photo of his wife with his pair of shoes on, that he refer to as his very own "Christmas shoe" with  the caption:

Photo Credit: Instagram/Timidakolo

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