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Friday, September 29, 2017

What Is NOT Wrong With This Advert By InfoNet Telecoms Technologies (INTTs)?

So you mean to tell me, to just transfer my M.O.N.E.Y with a code in an advert paper that can't be differentiated from that of a fraudster's? that I call Nonsense.

How in God's name does this piece of paper look convincing to anyone, talk less of a "Nigerian"? I don't get who is more foolish on these one.
If is actually the person that prepare the list or those it was supposedly addressed to.

Will you NOT agree with me that InfoNet Telecoms Technologies (INTTs) are obviously bad in
the advertisement sector seeing that's not her profession either going by their name.

Why don't you stay in line with what you know instead of jumping from your line of profession to another's man profession causing chaos, committing a total blunder and mongering of the Profession.

 Think of it, is it not high time we as a country (Nigeria) enforce the law governing Professions and any one who deviate from his line of profession to other professions has commit fraud and should be dealt with accordingly.

You can't be a teacher and open someones heart for surgery. Why can't these same accordance be given to all professions, or do you really think people with "mind and liver" has never privately do what only doctors are entitle to do and it was all successful though its inappropriate and unlawful.

The act of swinging from one's line of profession to another is very wrong and the above advert is a quack work by a non-advertisement professional, totally disrespecting professionalism. We are only creating more problems in our society with such act of negligence.

See it from these angle if you could as well sense the danger I'm concerned about, when people see this piece of paper advert just as we've both seen it, then decides to give a trial and the information turns out to be accurate. Whenever such paper adverts appear, it will be taken seriously by the general public and fraudster will as well make theirs in a professional way with fraudulent codes and the general public will be victimized, who do we have to blame then?.

There are reasons why advertisement agencies are in place and we shouldn't take any profession for granted  no matter how easy it appears to you. Its a Profession because there's so much more to just printing or typing an advertisement sheet.

I'm using these medium to announce to the general public NOT to believe any advertisement of this format, it is fraud, it is wrong and it can lead you into dangers of loosing your money to fraudsters and it's totally unprofessional for any company to advertise this way.

Believe direct adverts coming directly from companies via the media or their official platforms only and turn complete blind eye to these far less mediocre. 

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