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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Amy Winehouse Real Story Set For Documentary

Amy Winehouse and her father, Mitch Winehouse.
Hey guys, Amy Winehouse story is about to change for good.
I'm one of those who are super duper excited about this recent development.
We all know, whenever her name pops up,
minds just swipe to alcohol and drugs addiction which has somehow taken over her real personalities as a Human who actually lived, she didn't just live,  she exists, touched and  will continue to affect with her music of truth but it's so sad that most persons only see her in that light of drunkenness and being a coke head.

So here is what's up baby, Amy Winehouse family just seal a deal of a documentary that will show case more of who she really was.  Her passion for music and expression and what it was really like being Amy Winehouse.
Is so sad that the world focuses more on negativity, the downs, without looking the person from the other end of who she or he really is.
There are millions of people around you, whom you adore that are coke heads and alcohol addicts, I mean your friends, family members, political, religious, social and whatsoever Leaders, "icons" but all that is well wrapped-in as a secret.
It's high time we look beyond the faults, the weaknesses and focus on positivity and give people that due respect they truly deserve.

Finally, the world will have to see the really Amy Winehouse, her passion and her life. She's legendary and the forthcoming documentary is so welcome. Is so okay to call it her "Real Story".

Let's keep our fingers crossed on what we'll be finding soon about Amy Winehouse.

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