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Friday, October 27, 2017

Hushpuppi Go Hard On Once Best Friend Cum Enemy

 If you don't know that Hushppupi and his once upon a time buddy Mompha are at each other then you're not on the "gram".
 Yea, Hush and Mompha are in the game of exposing selves to the general public and here are Hushpuppi's claim.
According to Hushpuppi, Mompha is an
ungrateful friend while Mompha is saying Hush is Broke, that he is living a fake life just for the "gram" that Hush is homeless and his father is a taxi driver in Lagos and his mum eats from hand to mouth.
That is making everyone wonder how possible that can be, since he flaunts Gucci, Dollars, and the fancy life non stop.
These screen shots are from Hushpuppi, giving the public a hint of what's up with him and Mompha whom some said is Hushpuppi's boss and helper.

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