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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jhene Aiko Drunk In Love With Big Sean Stare Suicidal Alert (Photos)

 Love, Love, Love, what can we really do without it on our planet. So this is how "Love" made Jhene Aiko dump his Nigeria Born American producer husband, Dot Da Genius, of weeks old for rapper Big Sean Last year 2016 and just days ago, she was officially divorced from Dot Da Genius and she's now back on the single status, hopefully she shouldn't walk down the aisle with Sean to avoid another divorce.
That same "Love" has somehow move her
drunkenly into tattooing Big Sean's face on her back arm like its nobody's business.
Is true that it's absolutely nobody's but for how long will you fall in and fall out of Love, girl? 
If Big Sean ever leave Jhene, we don't know what to expect, if it's going to be suicidal. Hope she remembers she has family and most importantly a daughter to live for since she has come out clean with her drug usage and her constantly seeking that same Love she was given by her Late brother Miyaki from men who only end up breaking her little heart.  Can someone close to her tell her the so bitter truth?.

Truth is No Man can Love You Like Your Blood, when you not even happily and in-love-ingly married. In the kind of world of drugs and lawlessness you live in. Nay! Quote me on that.

There are so many distracting agents and factors like women, drugs, gang, prejudice etc that makes these celebrity guys and ladies or whoever indulge in such lifestyle act LoCo.

Back to the gist, so Penny as she prefer to be called tattooed her boyfriend's face on her arm, like seriously does that guarantees anything like you owing him forever or something, I don't get.

The L. A tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini who lay the ink on her skin hit IG with all gratitude like its an artistic masterpiece and share the photos Below:

Hello Jhene, I think you need a chill 💊 pills. 

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