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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Joke Of The Day: who Is Insane Here With Words Like This?

So I came across these shirt with the most hilarious sentence that says "I'm the Husband of a Brazilian woman Nothing scares me". It got me wondering who a Brazilian woman is?  Have you been with a Nigerian woman.? You should try be a Nigerian woman's man.

If a Brazil's woman can make a man fear "Nothing" hmm Any man with a Nigerian wife should probably be walking on Air.

Less I forget, Please all this printers, I beg you,  do your findings very well before printing what you
cannot  explain.

That was how March Born's said "Legends are born in March" which is no lie, only for me to start seeing September, October born with same Slogan. Like as as how now?.

Let the prettiest slayers be born in whatever months but please respect March Born's, they're Legends. Rightly said, you nodded, if not pause a sec and think! yea catcha!.

Who can't agree less?  Hit me up, am here. Speak on it!


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