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Monday, October 23, 2017

Kris Jenner Blonde-Ly Hot, Younger Lover Work Better Than The Oldies

Hey guys, is the Kardashian dowager on this one and oh yes mommy Kris ain't slacking or taking the back seat no matter what the age and skin is telling.
She got herself up blonded, suited and booted with all classiness, it's call sexy baby lol.

Have you noticed too or is just this my aproko
spirit at work again? Well I have notice that older women with younger lovers stay real happy and healthier than those with the Oldies, these guys do some kind of magic mehn, believe it.
Countless of times, older women look better and get their groove real back when there's a younger lover boy in their life and momma Jenner is a vivid typical example of my claims.

 What's y'all take, true or false? 

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