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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Niniola Debut Album, "This Is Me" All Set

And guys, Niniola is so set to drop her long waited debut album under Review records.

The above photo is the album cover and it's
entitled "This is Me" and hope am not the only one who sees how fitting, I mean how well it suits.
First of all Niniola didn't come to sound like Niyola because their names are soundly related or sound alike.
The Maradona crooner came with her own infusion and did so uniquely well in the entertainment industry and I absolutely Like. She came out and bring herself just her,  "This is me" indeed.

Talk muzik, you talk me! I highly respect real talent and did I tell you that I have these gift of insight to recognize one when I see one and Niniola is one, believe it, it's no promo for anyone.
I remember how my younger sister would tease me with Nini's first singles, I love unique things because I'm unique. 😂
Back to the gist,  go try get a copy of the album if am preaching sermon on the mount. 

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