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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Things Gets Tougher! As Selena Gomez Rekindles "Friendship" With Justin Bieber

All the love that everyone was cheering about six months ago between  Abel Tesfaye, popularly known as The WeekNd and Selena Gomez is over! at least, that's what it looks like, after the Canadian born singer unfollowed Selena on Twitter which left fans in shock.

Though they're still very much following each other on Instagram for now but with Selena rekindling
her "friendship" with her ex famous lover JB, it seems not to have gone down well with the camp of The WeekNd and he seems to be breaking up with the second most followed Instagram user.

So pathetic that the game "LOVE" sucks, just last two months they moved in together as a couple and now its all squashed just like raw eggs.

However,  news has it that while The WeekNd is on tour, Selena Gomez decided to give in, to whoever talked her into meeting with former boyfriend Justin Bieber and she has been seeing the "sorry" singer ever since then, seems like the perfect time, Justin has been waiting for.

There are also news of JB seen, leaving Selena Gomez's home in LA after meeting three times within the week for breakfast and dinner, that obviously is more than "friendship" between ex lovers.

While angry, Selena Gomez family has threaten to disown her if she eventually go back to JB for any reason, speaking to News agency, a member of the family said:
 "we wouldn't take her back if she get back with him".
Though Abel Tesfaye, is yet to speak verbally on the new development, if he's actually breaking up with Selena or if they actually broke up before him heading on tour, we never can tell what's going down between them.

Lets keep our fingers cross, it might just be a different story by the time Abel returns from tour, till then.

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