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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Timeless Diary: Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self 

The world is bigger than you know
Than you can ever imagine it
So many people live in it, strange faces
And even stranger names
Those with opinions that can make you wonder

Believe me, you haven't see Nothing yet
Go, grow, sow, move, live, see and learn

Don't bother yourself with all the Prejudice around you
It all shall pass, perhaps someday
The tears will get dry
The scars should remind you
Of where you've been to and back
Let them nor bring you pain
Truth is, we have to live with some scars for the rest of our lives
You can't change that
Deal with it!

You talk loneliness and sorrow
Is not easy putting up by yourself from a young age
When family turn strangers, Strangers turn companions for you
Being a girl wasn't fun without protection
You did have to hide in more secure homes that weren't yours to avoid rapes and nightmares
It was terrible for you but who really knows
How is and what it's to be a girl like you
Maybe there would be light at the end of the tunnel, I pray
Have Faith and work towards your mighty Dreams
It's not out of reach, Nothing is impossible

Everything seems to come late for you
Girls of your age has started experiencing puberty but yours was damn Late
Good news is, it came too
They getting married and having kids but you still there hoping and wishing
Still trying and never giving up on finding a Right one
Saying yes to anyone isn't it for you
While some label you, a selector but you know better
Your fears, Your want, they don't know your story
Having a child out of wedlock was a dreaded nightmare and you fought that with your all

Anyone you said can't just father your child
That seems so important to you, huh
I hope you find that Man whom you'll be so proud of to be the father of your child
No doubt life isn't fair
You felt cruelty, pain, lonely,
There were fallacies, misconceptions, jealousy and hatred for no just course
Amazingly, you survived
You grow, you move and still moving
Wise, black small brat like you, lol
Is all part of the plan I guess

Life is in stages
There were years Mama preach Careful
The advice is different now
How can they understand
Anyone can't be right for anyone
It's a lifetime course, so you need no mistakes
You need a Home and all you never have
Changing status isn't the most important to you
But finding that one
Sometimes you fight yourself for being too careful
But will you rather jump in wrongly?
Have Faith and focus more on achieving your Dreams
You still have lots of time on earth
Don't fight anything you can't control
It will all fall in good shape in due time

Keep working on who you what to be
Keep learning, keep sowing, keep believing
Keep doing more of what you doing
Fate can't be wrong
Continue to be You Timeless
And watch how it will all turned out in the end
Life is short but we can make it worthwhile
'A wanna be' isn't an insult either
It's simply means they've been notify
Of you becoming something
Just do your thing and watch

Lastly, stop beating yourself self
Over your past mistakes
Face the present, focus on the future
It's called Past for a reason
They can't be undo, fade them off your head
Whoever wanna say, Let them say
We all say
Your flaws don't define you, keep the struggle
No judge on earth is flawless
Continue to embrace your flaws
And be true to yourself as always
Even when you know it only breeds enemies
You don't need everybody
Live your life
Enjoy your singleness, it's only a phase
It shall pass someday
Make friends if you meet anyone interesting
I know how you like solo ride
Everyone can't be a backstabber and fake
As the Almighty guides you
Into the woman You are becoming
Let your light shine over the world
Let your Fate say it all at the end
Let tongues talk around at the end
Let the world praise the Almighty
For his wondrous works in your life
May you be forever you
Forever compassionate
Forever forgiving
Forever Joyous
Forever Brave
Forever Loving
Forever kind
Forever True
Forever Up
Forever Visionary
Forever Grateful
Rule, Dear Joy.

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