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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Timeless Diary: When You Find That Somebody

When You Find That Somebody 

Life is Joy
They say
It is it when living has a meaning
When your heart worries are settled
Then only, joy could be truly yours
With heartaches there's nothing other than

Sorrow, Pain and Frustration
Tears become easier than breathe itself
When you find that somebody
Things are much better
Smiles never cease
You are uplifted above your troubles
You are proud of what you've found
You're competent of what you have
All you want with these One is eternity
What you look forward to is forever

When is now revised for me
At the moment when people
Are laughing in Love
Walking down the aisle
Making love and making babies
I'm lost in my thoughts
Not knowing what to do
When all you told me
Keep playing nonstop in my head
As my heart respond
The words are not good for me
They just hurt so much
All I do now
Is face my life and watch you use your space
Love indeed is Pain
It hurt so much than you know
Am so exhausted my dear
Don't know who to talk to
I bottled it all up
Keep the sorrow and pain to myself
Seems right to me
Cry on me seems better
Wishing is like a Dream

I just wish all of these
Are not happening to me
Over and over again
My heart keeps breaking
Even more as I watch us grow apart
Is a Deja Vu
Is an episode
Is a story
Is Pain
Is called Love

I can't stop hurting
Here wondering why
I deserve these kind of treatment
Why I never gets it right
Why all I do is bring so much pain to me
Why do I act way too fast
Pondering my head on the wall
Wouldn't help now
Why do I have to be this way
Why do things always have to turn out
These way each time I try
Why are my weakness too weak of me
Why have I never been Loved
As much as I give it
Who do I blame now outer than me
Should I blame it on Fate
Should I keep crying?
Should I regret my own existence
What should I do now
Who do I blame for my misfortune

Of not being able to find
That Somebody
Of not being Lucky enough
Of not Learning enough
Of not being hard hearted
As I would have like it
After all these Years

Guess it will all end someday, somehow
Perhaps it will never be perfect
As I want it
As I would love it
Till the end say it all
Till that Day and Time
When I find that somebody.

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