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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Timeless Diary: When


When the only light you see dim off
When sorrows caught up
With the joy you feel
When your heart starts beating so fast with
Tears in your eyes
When what seems full became empty in a min
When Solace rejects you
When it dawned on you
That you were living a dream in reality
Envisaging you and that one together forever

Is difficult to lay your hand on anything
Harder to get your head on something else
Less than what you should
And shouldn't have done
You constantly will pause with a million thoughts running through your
Confused head in a minute
When all you see is a Loveless relationship
When you want so much more
And what you getting become lesser and lesser
When the pain is choking you up
When sorrows fill your heart
When all you have is you

When jokes stop being funny to you
When talking to yourself becomes a hobby
When you realize all what
You should have done so differently to save you
When memories makes no meaning
When eyes gets tired of producing tears
When life becomes a dead end

When words fail you
When Patience is the new resolution
When keeping to you is best now
When anyone that comes is never True
When you never learn
When life promise Nothing
What do you expect?
You repeats the same mistakes
When your good heart return pain and bad
When your feelings are taken for granted
When you can't just keep on any longer
When strength leaves you
When you just don't know
When you have exceed your limit
When you giving up
When thorns can't be avoided.

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