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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Whao! Hushpuppi And Rapper Phyno Share More A Rolex Watch

Whatever happened in Malaysia that didn't stay or refuse to stay in Malaysia which walk it's way down to West Africa to disturb our ears in Nigeria between Igbo indigenous Rapper, Phyno and Designers Freak, Hushpuppi seems to have rob the sweet moment they have ever
spent together and what's more is, It has as well rob them both of a sweet paddy-ing relationship that would've been capable of setting the internet ablaze with the most popping and collaboration Birthday celebration.
Unfortunately that never make its was to reality, thanks to Rolex watch.
Did I tell you that these once upon a time acquaintance Birthdays are just one Day away from each other. Is so sad that a mere Rolex Watch can cause such amount of dispute, if you ask me, but what do we know, maybe a Rolex isn't mere or just as suppose, hmm is a lot to alot of people, at least that we have come to know that anyway.

Guess, they would see reasons to unite as pals ones again if they haven't reconcile behind close doors and has started popping unknowingly to fans.

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