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Thursday, October 26, 2017

What Blac Chyna Did Wrong That Cardi B Did Right

Cardi B might be refer to as a once stripper just like Blac Chyna but there's difference between the two ex strippers cum celebrities.

Though Blac has said "if Cardi B can do it I can do it too. "! However, we all know whatever she can do is done already which is chilling with rapper Tyga then giving him a son then cooling off with the
Kardashian boy and giving him a daughter making her the best drama queen of the Year 2017 unapologetic-ally so she's become good for our amusement.

For Cardi B, she came, she learn and shine her way through with no baby-dada, she got lucky hooking up with rapper Offset and she channel all her vibes in the music which is same opportunity Chyna got but she pussilized it and savagely killed it and after all the drama, she's now running to music as solace. Nay! that's not how we do.

Music is Solace but for her is vivid to everyone that she was no way passionate about music from day one or at any point when the fame and money embraced her with full arms.
And here is Cardi making more money and weaves with her "Bodak Yellow" that got her into same place with Lauryn Hill, like seriously can Blac beat that?  Am just thinking , better luck on that.
Cardi B can't be done with just one shot of Bodak fever. I'm going with her words "this is just the beginning".
Dear Chyna we still here wishing for you. 

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