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Monday, October 09, 2017

Worrisome As Don Jazzy Aging Can't Go Unnoticed On These One (Photo)

Can you believe that man on the above photo is Don Jazzy, I mean our own "Don Baba J" ? Like seriously, am I the only one who sees and spot the difference? I  believe you have eyes too.

Obviously age is no longer on his side, which is
normal but without a wife at these age, please it's worth gossiping and is worrisome if he doesn't have a wife secretly, somewhere on mother earth.

Since we can't tell if he has tie the knot secretly since most celebrities like and admire the privatize policy.

Ask me, what is my business and I will tell you, it's officially my business to be in all of your businesses and my business solemnly is my business.
Thank you😀

Photo credit:Instagram/donjazzy

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