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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Would You Disagree That Daddy Freeze Is Sent To Reactivate Mis And Non Functioning Brains? See Why

 Should we call Daddy Freeze Nigeria most controversial On Air Personality or..., that title should well describe him anyway but Toke
Makinwa, Tolu "Toolz" Oniru are not indifferent.
They all have where they're leading, Toke leads the divorcees and achievement flaunting forum.
Toolz leads the sexy curves with the hour glass shape and rich kids forum and Baba Freeze as I like to call him leads the Operation exposing the commercial apostles forum, guess that's his calling since we all are called for something, believe it or not. We are.
We're all created for something, that's my Faith anyway.
So, Baba Freeze hit IG again with the above photo of what you see when you visit a mosque and what you notice in a church and I couldn't disagree.
Come to think of it, how on earth will a suppose man of God ask you to stretch out a certain amount? Still your God given Nigeria-Brain still did not reset, it's so ridiculous.

People will joyfully stretch out and give without thinking but when a beggar ask you for N100 even anything, you'll fake deaf and dumb, hey it is real Wa.
That was how one dirty boy with a Bible in hand made 22,700 cash in less than 20minutes, from Ogba to CMS in the name of God. Chai

I can't fit cry, please when will people start taking or using their brains along God's name? Only until then is penury for you and more wealth and luxuries for your so called man of god.

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