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Friday, November 17, 2017

Blake Shelton Reacts To Critics As He Become 2017 PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive

American born singer and Gwen Stefani's present husband, Blake Shelton is not bothered if anyone feels otherwise about his new PEOPLE magazine title as the sexiest man alive.

There are  fresh gist making around that, Blake Shelton is loving haters comment and contrary
thought about his new status as 2017 PEOPLE's sexiest man alive and the "I'll Name The Dogs" crooner is "LOVING it!".

Blake says he swept the Internet with his new status and that really seems like a surprise as nobody thought of him to be that "sexy", thanks to Gweni Stefani. 
Guess, to be with the "Rich Girl" crooner, dude has to be accompany with some "sexy" aura.
Despite Blake's caring less of what individual opinions is, funny comments are still trolling him from the public, comments like:
"Blake is sexiest man, I too"
"Blake Shelton as the sexiest man alive is a crock of country shit!"

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