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Thursday, November 23, 2017

It Breaks Here: Davido B'day Souvenir Allegedly Says A Different Age

Still on Davido's birthday party that became a blessing to BBQ club owners and poor beggars on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.
There was something about David's real age as some of those who were in BBQ nightclub, while speaking to timelessaproko.com who claimed Davido souvenirs was printed age 30 and not 25 as publicly claim.

We know entertainers are of the custom of slicing their age down but Davido, M'Ocheddah,
Wizkid are one of those the general public think their age are not omitted because when they came
into limelight, dudes were really looking small and their age was taken as said, until now that doubts seems to be hyping on people's mind each passing day due to what they do and some other factors.

Still trying to understand if it was oversight on the part of the printing company who printed the souvenirs, if its true that the number 30 was on David's souvenirs, of which the possibility of such "oversight" is very slim.

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