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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Let's Talk Sex: Can You Enjoy Sex Without Kissing

Sex is one thing while 'Kissing' is another. During casual sex or meaningless sex some persons still indulge in kissing, to them is a norm, any sex partner should be kissed.
While to some persons, is easier to have sex than kissing to some persons, to them kissing is a lot
more deeper which is debatable but to some persons, kissing means nothing.

They can kiss any mouth irrespective of the person they having sex with; Truly, we are different category of people and types too, God did create. Lol

C'ommon guys, what do you really think about kissing during sex? is it proper to kiss anyone you having sex with or it should just be limited to those you are emotionally involved with other than just meaningless sex.

I hear people say, they enjoy sex with kissing along it much more than no-kissing during sex and sleeping with who one loves is much more pleasurable.

Kindly speak on it.

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