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Friday, November 17, 2017

The Bronx Taking Over! Swizz Beatz Make 'The Bronx' Proud, Once Again After Cardi B

 What's happening these days, guys? I'm talking about all the Bronx doing big things and making the hood so proud, should see what that hood look like when my feet grace the US.

It seems the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City, known as The Bronx is taking over the achievement list in the year 2017, guess its the year of the Bronx.

Its very safe to say the year 2017, is for the Bronx just like over a decades ago when Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez were making the Bronx proud and now is another new proudly "The Bronx" season of shine.
Cardi B happens to be from the Bronx and we all know the year 2017 is her year, '2017 is a personal gift from Jesus, Himself to me' as she would've said it and now is Hip Hop mogul, Swizz Beatz making the Bronx proud again as he graduates from Harvard Business School, Yesterday.

Born Kasseem Dean who is still very much married to Alicia Keys, though they've successfully kept their doting and cuddling moments off the internet, share his last moment as a student in Harvard on IG and its indeed a pleasant one.
Congratulations from me to the Bronx!!!

 Success is so sweet, keep working on your dreams, chase them no matter what people think of you and experience the sweetness someday OR don't work, don't chase, don't beat your fears and deny yourself the fragrance of success. Give yourself this gift, don't deny yourself.

The choice is all yours.

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