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Monday, November 13, 2017

Still On Yvonne Nelson Newborn Daughter's Father

Is not a fallacy that Ghana born actress Yvonne Nelson is now a mom, she welcomed her daughter with no father figure in the picture just yet, days ago which has got fans perplexed, while wondering why she settled for such mighty decision but is her sole business, knowing how life can be for a single mom since she was raised by one, we can be sure she know what she want.

Over the years, Yvonne Nelson has only be concretely link to Nigeria singer Iyanya and of course Ghana born fellow script interpreter, John Dumelo.

While the relationship between Iyanya and her packed off due to the fact that Iyanya wasn't ready for anything serious and obviously still haven't, maybe he's in the healing process from a well
smashed heartbreak, don't blame him. It happens, some can relate but please don't pause your life because of one he/she goat who don't deserve your hi, move on with your life. The best is ahead of you.

And for John Dumelo, he claim to be "best friend" to the light skin diva which from all indications they are and that is very much debatable because as a "best friend" you can make me a whole Woman and having a child with a "best friend" is the safest flight to life intricacies and oh yes but that's not the case for the pretty actress for John Dumelo.
 However, John Dumelo share the above above photo of Yvonne Nelson before she had her daughter with the caption "Happy birthday mummy... #MyYN"
And Miss Nelson joyfully respond with the no other confirming words than "daddy melo".
Really when the news broke days ago that Yvonne Nelson had a baby, my aproko spirit said "John Dumelo, is this the plan?" and now that everyone is wishing Yvonne Happy Birthday, somehow we got our question answered so stress free and sweetly swift. Duumelo is not the dada, he is her "bestfriend"

Don't play with God! He's Almighty. LOL

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