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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Timeless Counsel: When To Define Your Relationship

We are all humans who make mistakes and is more funny how those with no perfect lives cum advisers and counselors but that's debatable
since we are all imperfect with unique gifts inside of us, individually we were given something to help the world which guarantee nobody a turbulence free life.

What me saying here is dishing out tips on whatsoever does not make anyone perfect or happy in his or her own love life but is nice to know, learn and give out if you want to, while your decision on what to do in your life remains your sole exclusive right and your decision alone.

Let me share these with you, My journey of self discovery wasn't an easy one. I've make friends cum families and foes in the process but at the long run, I did find me which is the most important and am grateful.

And Today I want to dive into when you can actually come out to define whatever "Friendship" or Relationship you have with a him or her.
It's there really a right time to discuss it? Hmm.. well, I think so.
There are persons who defines their relationship from day one before even venturing into it which is absolutely cool and smart move to avoid disappointment, if that's your person nice one! and we have people who go into a relationship without talking about it, what is about is need discussed, which to some people is immature and foolishness, these persons feel there is need to get to know a person first and see if there's a connection or chemistry as some will call it, that would want them to want something serious even forever which is not bad as well.

Like is still crazy to me, when people who barely know each other just dive into "we are getting married" stage from the beginning and try to be the good soulmate just to be married which most times is not their true selves only to explode like timed bomb after marriage leaving the other partner in a shocking shock of who they really are.

Which ever is your game, is absolutely your business and how you chose to run your thing is your choice.
So, for sometime now you have been in this affair and unlike others where you absolutely careless, you do these three things and even more:
1. Care:- your heart reminds you of these person every five minutes that you can't stop reminiscing moments spent with them, remembering every word they said and how they said it.
You care about everything that concerns these person, consciously and unconsciously.

2. Talk:-As busy as your schedules, you still long to talk with these person and a day barely passes by without you talking to these person on the phone.
In the process of talking, you let out your most important secrets, your plans, troubles and fears that should be private. These person seems to be your personal vault who knows everything you are passing through including your every dream and aches.

3. Romance:- The need of wanting a romantic moment is natural and can't be cut off human existence so when romantic mood set in, there's these one person who suits your heart and longings which you only want to be with not minding whatever, is these person you rather spend days without complains even when there are important things to get done.

If you are involved in these kind of affair and all the above listed and even more are what you truly feel deep down then is time to talk about where your relationship is headed, to know if you're both on thesame page if it was never define from day one which in turn will determine your moving forward.

For ladies, is more beneficial sisters to define any relationship from day one before diving into anything and yes! Sex makes a relationship fizzle out sooner than imagined.
My advice is, don't even dive in those pillows with a man at first, it makes most men give up the chasing spirit too quickly.

Guess, is human tendency, after sex there can be alot of drama from your trusted man that will shock you to the bone.
Their eyes will become just like Adam and Eve after eating the forbidden fruit.
 Things and words that normally wouldn't mean anything begin to mean so much to him because he has gotten what he wanted, so ladies be careful! you don't really know anybody irrespective of what you think of them or their background.

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