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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Timeless Diary: Bad Moments

Bad Moments

It's inevitable
It's included in the script of Life
There are bad moments that can break us
Most times, these times make us and made us
Have you not wonder why
All the good times gave us nothing than happy
But here with bad moments
We sad, frustrated, cry, pray, blame, starve
At the end we learn something of importance
Yet bad moments are sad moments
We hurt so much because is a bad moment
Not a bad life as we think
It shall pass, just hold on with your head's up
It's only a phase life is taking you through
For a purpose unknowingly
Cry at this moment because that's its moment
Learn, learn, learn don't be a fool
Earlier you learn
Telling life you have grown up
From your stupidity the faster your graduation
You must be taught by life
Embrace all of its challenges and see how far

In my bad moments
I cry, I regret, I blame, I starve, I try to learn
I grow from my previous self
I move every part of me forward
I do what makes me happy
Good time gives me joy
So I hit the spot I like and do what I like to do
I may cry at my solace place but that's okay
I see it as, it's all part of the process
What I don't do is
I don't compromise on what I don't need
What's unhealthy should be remove from you
Its toxic, be toxic free and save you
Oh how I know what I want out of life is a blessing
Since life is not your written script
So realise your state as just a mortal man
With no extra ordinary powers
To make things go your way
I realise being humble to the One above
Make things better for us
Because we didn't create ourselves
We don't even know what we truly deserve
He knows it all and that's why
There's a natural law
That we reap whatever we sow
It's for our good, you plant yam you root yam
Life its His own design
So I let Him lead
We should recognize God in every situation
The best choice for your own good

Bad Moments
To me is when God is saying "hey, look at!"
Realise this, be thankful for that bad moment
It wouldn't stay forever
What we truly deserve is not what we know
But we can do our part
Talk to the Almighty
He hears and know our weaknesses
Be His friend
He's there already for you, reach out
Bad moments can Make you and Made you
Dust off your broken heart and you shattered self
And reach out to Him
Pray for His will in your life
Not your will
His will for you is hundred times more
Bigger, beautiful, powerful, than yours
Believe me, we are all created for a purpose
God didn't create you for nothing
Let no religion or person deceive you

I wanted to be something
Which I thought was big and best for me
Not knowing God's plans are even Mightier
Than my own comprehension than what I was settling for
Don't blame me
It's the human tendency but I'm grateful
I finally ask Him after so much try with no success
After so much drain,  I said: "Let your will take place
In my life, make me be what you created
Me for, I cannot direct my steps and
My life is in your hands
Direct it in the way you've purposed"
That was all I asked and hmm time indeed shall tell
So if you praying without results
Please don't be late like me, waste no time any longer
I have paid the price for us
Change how you pray
My faith has always be strong but I was praying wrongly
Learn, learn, learn and Live happily

Bad moments are sad moment
It's that moment to pray for directions in your tears
With Faith and openness
Let go of whatever not giving you joy
Let it go!
God can't give you a gift with pain
That's how to recognize our God given gifts
His gifts are full, with Joy, Peace and Lasting Love
Anything that gives us pain is of God and not from God
Realise it now
We can't gift ourselves
We only buy for ourselves
Gifts are priceless because it's beyond the amount
See bad moments as a gift
Learn from them, grow, sow
You shall reap in full someday
While you watch what you sow
For in the cup you measure out
They will also measure out to you
Bad moments are red flags. Don't Ignore
Spot it and seek peace for you
If it require you being patient
Be patient with constant reminder to God
The only thing you truly have
That is not negotiable is you and God
We don't want God
We need God to live
Just as the fishes needs water to live
Leaving God, you are only killing you
Learn, learn from Bad Moments
God is the greatest even in
Bad Moments.

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