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Friday, November 03, 2017

Timeless Diary: I Don't Need

I Don't Need

The fake, the hate, the pretentious
I don't need none of that
I don't need the disrespect and hurts
I don't need the aches when there are
More important things to work out
I don't need anyone not true
I don't need you playing that way with me
When my very Me is what I give
Life is short and its only how you used it
That truly matters at the end
There's these resolution that might strike conflict between us
But how and whatever I chose to do is absolutely my decision and choice

Not going to live my life with one man's ideology of life and God
We were all created here and knowledge comes from above
The true giver of everything
If you're fulfill with how you living that is a gift
Let me live to my fulfillment
We have different faces, different lives, so is our destinies
Alot of things are beyond mortal understanding
Don't be consume with assumption
Pray to the Almighty One
Him alone knows and understand everything
Not You and I
We can't even explain why we do some
Don't even know why things happen to us
The way they do
Perhaps there's a reason, maybe not!

I don't need the judgmental and sentiments
I don't need you telling me how to go
I don't need you telling me what I can't do
I don't need you proving your own ideology
I don't need you sympathizing
I don't need your fake smiles
Keep it to yourself
Be real or keep off me
Your S.W.I.T.C.H ways disgust me
I can't stand none of that
I just want to be me and me alone
Nobody else but me!

I just want to live as I wanna live
Do what I wanna do
Reach up to sky if I so want the moon and the sun
I want to chase my every dream
And live every bit of it to the end
Then when the last day finally comes
There will smile on my face and hear my Creators judgement
With all gladness I'll listen, knowing I did my best
As human as I am

Now the future is almost here
The years are bigger numbers
My face now have two obvious wrinkle
That is a word
Is time to be alone like always, time to be brave
Is time to be focus on my dreams, need no distractions
Is time to motivate me, that's the only true person you have
Is time to take a step forward, time to abandon my fears

Life is the most precious gift
Be glad you have it, be productive
Going In-productive with it is useless
Make your choice and choose your path
That's what I've done
At these time,  I need to be toxic free
Every one of it,
I Don't Need.

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