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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Timeless Diary: The Pain That Comes With Being Good At Heart

The Pain That Comes With Being Good At Heart

Isn't it funny how life works
How those who love hurts
How a friend who prove to be true get none
How a giving heart don't get
How good breeds Bad
How those you hold dear stabs you
What would've been the reality itself
If not for the One above who reveals
It would have been total disaster and chaos

It would have been everlasting pain
For His grace, all of these heartbreaking episode
Are going to be temporary
A pacing phase of life
Changing the suppose detriment to refuge
Joy, Peace at last
It hurt so much when what you giving
Is so far short of what you getting in return
There's so much pain that comes with
Being good at heart
So much lamentations
When your being Good at Heart bring bad
From these same people you good to,
those you wish nothing but joy, peace and love
The pain of being good at heart hurts so much
It's beyond human to take away the pain
Farer than humans comprehension
Everything comes with a prize but being
Good at Heart comes with a curse

25 still don't know what Jealousy is
They have and happy
I'm happy for them
They have seven but my one catch their fancy
They blow me kisses while they spread fallacies
Wondering why it must be for the gains
Apart from friends who broke me
Some dudes prove untrue too
Can't remember any who truly loves
Can't recall none who said same word
From the beginning to the end
They always changing
While the last one choose me on that game
Is still a hurting misery to me
Like why me, why me?
I'm still asking myself
Like what were you even thinking?
When you were chasing
Perhaps he thinks I have the money
Only to deal with Devine intervention
He sure knows how to rescue His own
Couldn't get any off me so he get mad
And let him true self show
It's call Devine protection
Is one against you, bro
You only cheat yourself on these one

It will shock you
How many times people will treat you bad
When you're nothing but nice to them
It will break you
When you find out how unloved you are
And has been so far
when all you've been doing is
Splash Mountainous love on them
The disappointment will bring tough sadness
Your heart will break
Tears can't stop flowing
Memory wouldn't be lost
Food will become tasteless
Friends will become unwanted
Relationships will be dreadful
Being with anyone will become a nightmare
You will be all you need at this point
The pain that comes with being good at heart
can render you lifeless

I need the one above to reassure me
I'm not curse for being true
For refusing to indulge in badness
My weaknesses is far away from theirs
If they will call their bad nature a weakness
Then they don't know what weakness means
Bad is not compare to weakness
If not, Jah would've seen Satan's attempt as one
And pronounce him clean
But obviously he was far from clean itself
Holy will forever go far from his name
Your badness will only destroy you at the end
Watch my words full accomplishment
Blessed be me and you that refuse to be that
Blessed be all good hearts on earth
May the almighty never forgets us
When enemies put up armour of friendship
May the almighty continues to direct events
May we go broke if that will save us
And open our eyes
May we cry tears of joy at the end
May enemies be wrap in shame
May they live long to see our success
They will regret in their tears
For the pain that comes with being good at heart
Is temporary and is a must to healed by Jah
The world will move no itch
When is right for Him to act
Being good seems to be a curse but I can't
Do otherwise
That's not who I am
Let my good found me
Let what I truly deserve come to me 

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