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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

What You Should Know About Cardi B Raindrop Diamond Engagement Ring From Rapper Offset

 Every girl out there is day dreaming of Cardi B's engagement ring from the Migos boy, Offset and it's really upset! to know that is not every girl that would have the opportunity Inna this life to wear diamonds, when there are girls who wear these bling from head to toe. You can say it, again! Life is unfair.

While records has shown that 75% women who got diamonds and other precious stones as their
engagement ring never got married to the lover and those who got married never stayed in marriage.

Reason here is simple: Diamonds does not guarantee a thing! it does not make the affair a perfect one,but who wouldn't like diamonds huh? Is every woman's joy to wear those jewels, me included, Lol.

However, since we know that "Diamonds" makes no difference when it comes to the game of "Love", we should be happy with whatever ring we're wearing anyway.

Back  to what you don't know about Cardi's ring: the Piece was customized for the "Bodak Yellow" crooner, did I include specially, yea. It was specially made for her and Offset chose the colors that rounded it, which are colors she fancy.

In the ring, there are pink diamond stones and red too. The raindrop shape wasn't a coincident either. Offset new his bae is super crazy about that shape which can also connotes to be the Love and Heart shape.
Cardi B said if it was a different shape, the rapper would've gotten a "No" for an answer, while in the excitement of the engagement, Cardi B jokingly propose to Offset to make more money since this is their time.

"Making more money" she means not just with the music but by putting their sex tape on sale, probably they have clips of their love making already and they want to put it out there for the money.
That is a whao! This girl is badder than them bad,quote me on that one, I'm so sure of that.
One thing with celebrities and people that live their kind of lifestyle share same insanity and 98% of them don't stay with one partner whether they were given Golds, Diamonds, Mercury, Dynamite or whatever pearl.

What is noteworthy of Cardi B and Offset union is a diamond ring wouldn't make them stay glue through thick and thin forever even if diamonds stay forever, its just like any item a lover is capable of buying in other to express their affection.

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