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Monday, December 04, 2017

How Efe Won The 2017 Big Brother Naija And Disappoint Fans Afterwards

Oh yea! so Efe Ejeba did win the Big Brother Naija 2017 earlier this year that buzzed up Nigerians with their different opinion but is noteworthy that Efe actually got good number of votes even beat above average according to report which kept him in the house till the win day and he gladly took home the grand prize of a brand new Sorento SUV and N25million in cash.

There is this gist making round town that he play the "I'm a popper, please help me" card.

According to some persons personal observation, Efe was fake while he was in the
house and was kind of playing the card of "please help me, I'm from a poor home" which if is true, he did pick the very right card afteral every housemate were playing a specific card to get the win and Efe chose the poverty card to get sympathy even though he is disappointing with his music right now.

 I've told everyone and I'll keep telling anybody who feels disappointed with his music to give him sometime to get it right, we should not forget he's still an upcoming artist, BBNaija only shine him and blow him out proportion before his due refinement.

Sometimes I think we should appreciate 'the wait' were we finally come out so refined and well established than the rush, hush process were we most times can't handle talkless of keeping the flame burning when the spotlight hit us too soon, which is understandable.

In the process of waiting, we get it right and must have gotten better over time in our game.

so work on you while you wait 'the wait',  is necessary. Don't be too quick to fail.
Everyone who rules their game, did wait and never stop working on themselves, ever even if it means seeking assistance from a career coach or coaches.

Appreciate your wait and keep developing you till your turn comes. Wait the wait.

Anyway, blow is blow. Whether you blow and reign for years or you blow and shine small, all na the same blow! At least you blow and still see money and do things you've forever fantasised.

Is Okay.
What inspired these article was a friend of mine who got very furious for wasting her MB in downloading Efe's songs unknowingly to her, only to slid her ear piece on to enjoy her downloads and Efe's regular intro were he introduced his personal producer "is it not Doc_doc set" hahahaha life is hard honestly.

So this friend of mine call the guy who sent her the link to download the suppose bulk "good music".
Efe obviously fall short of her list of what "good music" mean, let's cut it here.

So guys let's hit the open gossip floor on Efe, what's your take on his music and his performance while in the BBNaija house?

Is there Still #EfeNation ? It has been a long while I hear that slogan.

It's open gossip, pour your heart.

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