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Monday, December 04, 2017

How To Deal With A Parent Who Cut Up With Dementia

Dementia is becoming rampart with age parents and here is how a man name Tony Luciani deal with his aged mother who got dementia. 
Its very heartbreaking when a parent can't remember you or anything and nobody can be good with such predicament.

Before talking about Tony Luciani here is How to deal with a parent or aged loved one who cut up with dementia:- 
  • Understand the circumstance
  • Don't argue with them when they can't remember a place or time, even you
  • Be there for them not minding any aggressive outburst by them
  • Understand aging comes with alot of limitation
  • Be playful and maintain same frequency of reasoning
Life is short and you never know what's at the other end. Tony Luciani, a photographer did the sweetest thing when he came to know that his mother had dementia. Tony is a full-time painter who works from home and when his mother fell and broke her hip, everyone told him to move her to a retirement home.

 But he knew he had to take care of her. It was around the same time when he had bought a camera to capture his artwork.

One day while taking a picture, he saw his mom peeking from a corner to see what he was doing and he then captured her at that exact moment. What followed was a series of pictures of his mom starting that particular day.

He took her pictures for three long years but now, sadly, his mother doesn't remember his name anymore. But what Tony did create, were some beautiful pictures that aptly captured his bond with his mother.
"My dad died, and I wasn’t there," Tony says. "My brother passed away 15 years ago, and I wasn’t there. I never had the chance to say goodbye. This is my chance to say goodbye, even though she might outlive us all," said Tony.

See photos of Tony Luciana with his aged mother below:

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