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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Let's Talk Sex: Choosing A Life Partner

Choosing a life partner is one difficult thing to almost everyone on planet earth except for those who got paired or match make with the help of their loved ones which sometimes is not the very best thing but there again it has turned out very nicely for some persons.

That they can't just thanked their loved ones enough for their nice gesture while to the unfortunates is a total chaos and disaster, which either ways, just deal with the reality you can't deny is happening in dreamland.

Most people look out for certain qualities and wants when choosing a life partner and it is an individual thing here.

 Some persons would chose a partner based on outwards appearance, in these case, the height, the body size, the eyes, nose and legs matters to them and there are persons who looks for inner beauty. Who a person is deep down is what matters to them and nothing more or less.

And of course, we have those who sees only what they can benefit from the union materially and
nothing more which is now the in-thing in our world today but that we all know, money, fame and material possession gives nobody joy, love and peace.

To people of these tag, they only ended up cheating themselves of their personal happiness, love  and peace of mind which are free gifts and no money on earth buys these things.

There are those who see great need for a very sexually active partner, one must be good sexually and should be able to please them, to be married, they simply can't forfeit their sexual need and undeniable sexual appetite unsatisfied.

Which either ways, is a thing of choice and personal preference, at the long run, how wise or stupid one was with the decision they made can't be deny.

So what's your look-out when picking that special somebody to spend the rest of your life with? is it money, power, fame, beauty, inner-beauty or what you truly seek?

Kindly speak on it!
Thank you and always remember on "Let's talk sex", feedback is maturity.

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