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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Next Door Neighbor Reveal He Is Gay To Me

See the above face? Yea! That's my face right now, I'm so wrapped up with great shock and fear. Can you believe that a friend's next door neighbor is gay in Lagos, Nigeria where is a taboo and an abnormality in here, knowing is normal to most of you but as Godly Africans that we are, let's not
go religious, its actually a crime to be one here in our country.

Like, I'm shaking here and the worst thing is I'm all alone in the house, nobody to relieve me off T-H-I-S shock of mine. Thanks to blogging.

The handsome young man came knocking and on getting to the door to answer, his face was like a woman's face who went all night with slit eye shadow makeup on, after a stressful night (only ladies body and soul know what I'm talking about) out.
I don't and cannot believe my eyes if not that they are my own very same eyes and I can't doubt what they saw, they've never deceived me before and they won't now, hmm Wawawawa!.

I have heard of things, guys do for money in these day generation of our time even before us just like ladies.

Gay prostitution is one of them but never have I thought of seeing/meeting one someday this close and if you're asking how sure I am?
Please I and I alone know what I saw and words can't (fit) describe the aura he carried around him as I stare at him firmly and boldly, knowing what it is.

Just like the home alone movie star Macaulay Culkin said in the movie, "I know what I saw", don't doubt me. 

And obviously, dude is in for the money, is his hustle for the good life, for survival, for the clothes and shoes but dude is fine Noni! 

I can't lie but why will a dude so fine... Short of words. I mean I'm so speechless like Micheal Jackson. (sad face)


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