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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Shocking! How Nigerians Feel About President Buhari Son Yusuf Buhari Who Is In Coma With Brain Injury

Is  no more news that President Muhammadu Buhari's son Yusuf Buhari who went power biking in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) during the holidays had a terrible accident that has send the young man into coma according to new updates on his condition and 80% Nigerians seems not to be that empathetic about his condition due to the hardship and fuel dilemma in the country presently as if he is the cause, anyway that is debatable.

According to Sahara Reporters, Yusuf  Buhari
was admitted to Cedarcrest Hospital in Abuja and has not regained his speech due to traumatic brain injury and other injuries.

Yusuf was not bike-racing alone according to eye witness, he was with a friend name as Bashir Gwandu when they both crashed in Gwanripa neighborhood in FCT, Abuja.

Just like Yusuf, his friend Gwandu was also critically injured and he is in coma as well and their case has been describe as a state of "critical condition".
Most Nigerians has remain unmovable emotionally towards what has befallen the Country's first family but who do we blame? huh.

Later in the day, I will be speaking to Nigerians about Yusuf Buhari's condition and you can get to listen and Hear clearly from any part of the world you are Via my Soundcloud page among other Gist available for your enjoyment on the "Gist with Timeless" where you get inform as well entertained.



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