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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tanker Explosion Causes Huge Damages In FESTAC Town (Photos)

FESTAC Town will not forget the day December 13, 2017 in a hurry as over 20 vehicles and four commercial motorcycles were burnt to ashes this afternoon when a tanker loaded with petrol fell and spilled all of its content on the busy Festac Link Bridge located at Awuwo Odofin area of Lagos State.

According to eye witness, the fire started unexpectedly and invade on parked vehicles thereby burning them to the last as helpless owners watch their cars with grieve before fire fighters arrived at
the scene about 30 minutes later but did not have enough water to quench the fire.

 One Mr Olufemi Popoola, told newsmen that the tanker, coming from Apple Junction and going to FESTAC Town was ascending the bridge but suddenly rolled back and fell.

The impact of the fall separated the tank from the body, resulting in an explosion, according to Popoola.

 He said that some residents and passers-by attacked the fire with buckets of water but to no avail, stating that the fire from the tanker spilled over to nearby vehicles , forcing their occupants to run, abandoning their cars as they flee for their lives.
"The fire then spilled into a car shop on the foot of the bridge, burning some of the cars, while the attendants quickly drove out some.  
Furniture items, bags and boxes displayed for sale on the foot of the bridge all burnt".  
No death has yet been reported so far.

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