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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Timeless Diary: In My Mind's Eye

 In My Mind's Eye

What they think don't matter
Supreme One above where my attention and hope lies
Self Opinion is the most important
What they think and say is only an opinion
And that, I have no control over
We entitle to our opinion either good or bad
What do they really know? mortal man like me
Here I breath with adrenaline of calmness and focus
Knowing what's truly important for the chase
Dream chaser that what I've become
On these long solo ride trip
Moving with faith in my depression I found cure
In my mind's eye

I see the lies in their eyes and words
I broke me to make a better start
There is time for everyone to start over
Nothing is over until life itself is over
In your mind's eye
What do you see?

I see life under a purple sky
I see snow falling
I see crowd applauding even at my absence
Gold and white sparkling in the room of lights
Brightly! she shines
Tears left in memorial tomb
Merry bubbles rave on
Many call her mother
Sons love her being
Daughters can't be more blessed
Hope with faith lighten the troubled heart
Of a million thoughts were none is evil
All million thought are under one subject "me'
It's all about the betterment plan
Years have gone past
Untrue people had come and go
Family goes nowhere really
That's those who truly own us as much as we own them
Living in disturbance as we reminisce on mistakes
Wishing we never did none of it
Wishing we knew better

In my mind's eye
Trouble will be gone and forgotten, perhaps someday
Sorrow wouldn't be able to identify with my face
Genuine joy and peace will be mine
The one that is rooted deep
In my mind's eye
I'm a priceless gift
Who found it will be call happy
I know me and my flaws
I embrace each and everything
That makes life this complex
I accept it, fighting the ones I can
In my mind's eye
I see a distant light
I must keep pushing
Keep holding on till the very end...

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