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Friday, December 01, 2017

Trump Former Aide Anthony Scaramucci Finally Work Out Differences With Wife

Former Trump aid and White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's life and affairs indeed cease to be private the moment he took office with POTUS which almost broke his marriage early July this year after his wife filed for divorce from him according to some gossip colums who claim Mrs Scaramucci filed for the divorce papers on the ground of infidelity and his
busy schedules in the White House while he was Communications Director but after he was dropped by Donald Trump as Former White House Communications Director (Read), which seem like a ridicule of him turns out to a blessing in disguise as well saving him  from being a divorcee for the second time.

Scaramucci has prove to concentrate more on his three year old marriage in-order to work things out with his wife which in-turn has make his wife Deidre Ball to drop all divorce petition against him.

Speaking with TMZ Anthony said they are "absolutely" back together. He says they are back like normal couple living under the same roof.

Ball filed when she was almost ready to give birth. They had a son in late July.

If D.C. was the reason for the split, that shouldn't be a worry anymore.

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