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Saturday, December 09, 2017

What Got Nigerians Tripping Out To Libya And How To Fix It

Thanks to everyone who has been against Nigerians tripping out of the country for greener pastures which I think the need to get Nigerians more informed of the real Reality in oversea MORE than the false-faked fantasy widely spread by friends and relatives is the only solution to eradicate or at least cut down the numbers of people riskily tripping out of the country to overseas as Italy still remain
the major arrival point for Nigerian migrants.

Nigerians just like anyone in the world are more aware of the good in a place than the bad if the good is very much of a benefit which result to people only spreading the goodness oversea gives and thereby neglecting the suffering and brainstorming that comes with making a living in another man's land whom don't want none of you in the first place.

A place where your freedom is limited, the saying "No place like Home" didn't emerge from nowhere that we both know and no place can truly be 'home' if its not your home.

Truth is, the average Nigerian have the mentality of "everything is greener in oversea" which is not incorrect but we should as well know that, to get the greener pastures, irrespective of a place, Hardwork is require, according to truthful ones who has left the shores of the country amounted to 70% out of 100% says, "making it in abroad requires serious hard work twice at home".

Good thing is, being hardworking abroad pay off More because of the level of development that has in turn breed golden opportunities to make living more sane but that does not mean people are not making it here too, is even more convenient here to make a good living with less mental stress that arise due to emotional aches that comes with staying in a man that isn't yours.

It will be nice for Nigerians to talk #RealitySumThing, NOT 'garri ' which are not factual, T-H-I-S is the only way to save other Nigerians alongside loved ones, friends and neighbors from the horrible death and molestation in the Sahara desert, Niger, Chad and Libya. 

Let keep our people more informed of the dangers and the 'Hard-Reality' when one illegally enter a foreign' country that has a proper functioning System were everything is in a documented process. (it's not Nigeria, No place is Like Nigeria, please).

If the youth are aware of these real Reality, the rate of people tripping out of a country illegally and loosing their lives because of hardship will be minimal. Truly I say to you, the hunger is real and everyone want a good life, so we choose different hustle. 

Information is power so we were know and that we have come to that confirmation with no arguments, so lets get the real reality to the general public informed and save Lives. 

If you read carefully, you'll notice I didn't go against leaving the country for "Greener Pastures" or whatever reason one has to want to depart from the country, that is one's choice, the point is leave Legally and only involve with legal business transaction if NOT, PLEASE don't bother to try your luck by embarking on the journey BY road, DON'T think about it with the mind of 'I know myself, i'm strong and nothing can happen to me' because you only being childish, stupid and deceiving yourself to the land of see me no more. 

People are dying and it could be you, I think Life is important THAN the "Good life",  Nobody cruises the big Toys in the grave. 

Save You ! Choose Life.

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