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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What Men Don't Know About Women

I put up these article together to convey some important facts most men are missing out in their day-to-day dealings with women.

Hopefully it can be a success if any man gets to read these with attentiveness and understand that being a man isn't difficult as they make it look like, atleast that's what most men try to make women
feel which is hilariously funny.

For one being man does not  mean you can't be your woman's bestfriend, you don't need to show your muscles and strength each time.
Nay! ladies know you're a Man, so you don't have to remind us each time a cock crows with the "I'm A Man" chorus.
Why don't you s ave the strength for strangers who need to know how man-ly you're and be the companion and partner you are to your woman, there's nothing really to fight for and its not a battle of supremacy here.

Better still, if you're the kind of man who want a woman with no opinion, why not? go for that
somewhat! of a woman.
Don't come hunting after Lady Thatcher just to prove you're a man, truth is Every Woman is not made for every Man.

Take it or not is a factual fact. Else you'll be very unhappy with each other when things are not working out, it can't fit in when it don't fit in.
Seriously, African/Nigerian men always want to prove that they are "Men" which  is very unnecessary, because the lesser you boss anyone the more comfortable and more obedient they will 
become, should I be the one to tell you that nobody likes to be boss around, including you?.

Most men really don't know women are willful soul, they love to give willingly once their heart agrees to it, everything will work smoothly without you be Adolf Hitler.

A woman need support, understanding and companionship which makes any jolly-good-fellow 
except you're among those who want a slave for a wife which some African men discreetly prefer even though they shy from it openly, they want their women to worship them just like the days of our forefathers which is not palatable with what today women wants.

As you do your thing, remember being woman does not make anyone a lesser human being.

There should be love, check and balances and these is not about feminism, Nay because I'm not one either but only know, we are all humans with same flesh and blood running through us.

Most men don't know women don't need to be bossed around, they'll summit to you without you asking for it! its a natural law, afteral how many times has she rested on your shoulders slowly without you asking for it? exactly!. That's it.

And Lastly, be a Man while you let her be and remain a Woman that she is...don't try changing nobody.

What is refer to as a "better half" means what to you? hahahaha Think on that!.

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