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Friday, December 01, 2017

What's Converting Men To Be Gay As Gay Prostitution Now The In Thing!

Have you ever wonder why there are so many gays (and more are pouring in-line on a daily basis) these days? here are all you need to know.
Well, with truthful findings , there are factors behind gay-ism and why the act is on the rise from day to day irrespective of a persons status in the society and age.

First thing you should know and understand is that influential and the rich who are gay didn't become
gay over-night, even if they have wives and children, mostly gays in Africa.

"Gay-ism" is unacceptable in Africa culture, is a taboo that cannot and NEVER over-power the Land's norm and culture no matter how hard the western culture try to sell it.

For these reason, gays in Africa try as much as possible to keep their real sexuality privately private as far as they can, they even quickly get marry to cover up their dark side that is absolutely unacceptable by their relatives as well forbidden in the society they find themselves.

Poverty is the number one factor why boys are becoming gays, statistic has shown that rich and influential individuals are more sexually corrupt. They spend money on their sexual appetite with the goal of 'doing the do-ables' which to them is maximum fun lifestyle and young boys/guys who are wretched are open to making money and living their desire lifestyle, not minding whatsoever it require and prostitution still remain the quickest means of income and survival.

Some gays blame their acclaimed sexuality on their homo-genetics which to me still remain a misery, can't fathom who a man with male organs say they feel like a woman inside, that I call 'satanic influence'. Satanic influence is the origin of gay-ism in the history of the world, believe it or not, that's what's up.
African gays and white poor guys in the western world become gays for money and some to identify with influential people, the business being more lucrative than what prostitution really is has make gays to continuously be on the increase. 

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