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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Afikpo Chic!! Maria Ude Nwachi Dropped As Ebonyi State House of Assembly Member Over Selfies (Photos)

Does the name Afikpo Chic aka "Best Chic Ever Liveth"  as she calls herself rings a ding dong! to those who know the once US based blogger and rich chikito of Afikpo town in Ebonyi State cum politician.

Afikpo Chic who is a serving member representing Afikpo North -East constituency, has been given a 2 week suspension from being a member in Ebonyi state house of Assembly for 'abusing and disgracing' the Honorable house for being a photographer taking photos Upadan! without
caution, LOL, like for real, is it bad to take selfies as a person pleases again? hmm that will now lead to suspension nwa!.
This came after series of warning and possible corrections from the Honorable house for her to watch her display of taking shots and selfie skills before the Honorable house and behave herself as a House of Rep member.

Hon. Joseph Nwobashi moved the motion which was seconded by Hon Mrs Okpo Franca as Hon. Mrs Okpo advised her to leave the system and possibly go and work on her ''disgusting attitude'' that is bringing down the respect and honor given to the house.
Nwachi was present during plenary when she was suspended.

One thing to note about Afikpo chic is the selfless love she had towards her people of Afikpo town which in turn has pave way for her being the only person from a minority party, PPA who in history has been elected for House of Rep member in ebonyi State were the Party has no strong stand but yet she won the election with the help of her people who appreciate her kindness towards her.

Afikpo Chic is also known for constantly gifting Afikpo people with motorcycle bikes, vehicles etc not to mention the warm welcome to her home. 

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