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Thursday, January 18, 2018

BabyDada, Tyga And Rob Kardashian Help Blac Chyna With Financial Assistance

As we Know Troubles never finishes and now Blac Chyna house manager by name Patty who suffered a stroke back in July 2017 is now in coma.

Despite Patty's doctor's advice, the devoted manager continued to work alongside Blac Chyna until
December when she broke down.News has it that Patty has three children to provide for and apparently did not feel she could take the time off work.

But last month, Patty started to experience bleeding in her brain that has sent her into a coma ever since. Unfortunately for her, she was caring a child when she entered the coma, but her pregnancy has since been terminated.

And now Tyga and Rob who are both Chyna's babies fathers are now the helping out with her house manager's draining financial assistance.

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