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Monday, January 22, 2018

Betty Irabor Drops Awaken Food For Thought About Life And Destinies

Genevieve magazine founder and Life Lesson tutor  Betty Irabor gave out these words of insight via her IG today, it will not only be what someone need to know about life but as well need to reflect on a daily basis as the journey of life progresses.

Its noteworthy on this piece where she highlighted the fact that "destinies are different" because
most times humans quickly forget that important part of life when face with life intricacies.

She wrote:
"Listen ehn! We all came into this world at different times and with different destinies and for different purposes. Once you understand that then you find inner peace. While it is easy to look at your friends, competitors and colleagues and wonder why they seem to be ahead of you and living the life you crave so badly, remember that our journeys in life are different. Each of us has to walk the path our creator has carved out for us. Never forget that we are all unique! We cannot Rush God and at the same time We cannot Limit His ability to take us places beyond our capabilities. Do not measure your success by the success of others because God’s plan for you could even be Bigger. Focus on your goals, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by what is going on in the lives of others you perceive as “having it all”. Focus on your growth. Sharpen your Saw; a blunt Saw can’t cut a tree. The more you focus on what others are up to instead of focusing on how you can be a better person than you were yesterday, the more you lose focus of what really counts. Don’t let negativity dominate your senses. Take time to celebrate even your bitesize achievements!! Your best is yet to come. Live each day in Abundance and with a grateful heart."

Photo Credit:Instagram/Betty Irabor 

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