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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Beyonce's Mum Share Rare Birthday Message To Her Elder Sister Whom They Both Share Same Birth-Day

Born Célestine Ann Beyincé, popularly known as Tina Knowles and mother of R'N'B singer Beyonce Knowles seems to be more popular with her use of Instagram social media platform than being a businesswoman and fashion designer as she never fails to share her life being a celebrity mom with fans and today she took us down memory lane with her elder sister, Florence Beyince.

The name Beyonce is rightly Beyince which is her maiden name, according to her, she intended to name her first child after her father but a daughter came instead so she changed the i to the alphabet O to make the name Beyonce for her first daughter Beyonce Knowles.

 Is also true that there's no family without their own his-to-ry which makes every family uniqueness quiet interesting and today, the sixty-four years old former Mrs Knowles decide to reveal a little of the family she was born and raised in Texas.

 Miss Tina share the above photo of herself and her elder sister whom they both share same birth day with ten years difference as her mother went into labor during her elder sister Florence Beyince's birthday party and that was the end of the party for 10 year old Florence who was not happy with Tina crashing her party with her coming. (smiles)

With the above photo Tina Knowles captioned: 
This is my Beautiful big sister Florence Beyince’ Bowers . I was born on her 10th birthday! She still says I came into the world screwing up her life. You see they canceled her birthday party because my mom went into labor😩😂. I love her so much happy birthday big sis❤️

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